An injector extractor set for controlled removal of diesel injectors

2016 Diesel injectors are not always easy to work with. They can be extremely difficult to loosen without damaging the engine. Kamasa Tools offers a air hammer and an injector extractor set to enable mechanics to loosen injectors more easily.

The Kamasa Tools K 11249 injector extractor set, used together with the air-powered K 9870 air hammer, is a safe, effective combination.

– Diesel injectors can be loosened using tension tools and wrenches, but this requires a fixture to be fitted on the engine. Mechanics often have to use significant manual force, and other parts of the engine can easily be damaged. By using a air hammer and an injector extractor, the injectors are knocked out in a controlled way, explains Bert Lundmark, a product developer at Kamasa Tools.

An injector removal tool can be purchased in a set with extractors and a number of adapters.

21 Jun