A facelift for Kamasa Tools’ lift range

2017 The Swedish tool maker Kamasa Tools is expanding its lift range with a heavyweight newcomer – an air/hydraulic garage jack that can handle up to 30 tons. The existing range has also been updated with a more modern appearance.

Kamasa Tools’ focus on the commercial vehicle market continues. The company is now introducing a garage jack specifically designed for workshops working with buses and trucks. The lift has a two-step hydraulic unit with a capacity of 30 or 15 tons, depending on lift height. As with the rest of the lift range, the new jack features a dead man's switch, LCS (Lowering Control System) and an overload relief valve to ensure maximum safety.

At the same time, a lot of changes have been made to the appearance of garage jacks for passenger cars. "We are not bound by how jacks have traditionally been designed," says Bert Lundmark, a product developer at Kamasa Tools. "Our are now sleeker and slimmer, but this new appearance also serves a practical purpose. The low profile allows for improved accessibility on automobiles with a low ground clearance.”

In addition to their new appearances, all garage jacks have been equipped with a fifth wheel, making them easier to maneuver in the down position. New easy-grip handles also contribute to improved ergonomics. Even the design of Kamasa Tools’ transmission jacks has been modernized, while the workshop crane benefits from an improved design that makes it easier to move and put away when not in use. 

Last and, in this context, least, Kamasa Tools’ high-lift garage jack has become stronger. From a previous limit of 1.5 tons, the jack has now muscled up to manage 2 tons and can now lift from as low as 90 mm, compared to its earlier best of 110 mm.

17 Sep