Polished sockets and specially designed tool sets from Kamasa Tools

2014 Following requests from customers, Kamasa Tools' popular tool trolleys are now equipped with a pair of specially designed tool sets. The first release focuses on brakes, grip pliers and hose clamps.

Autumn 2013 saw Kamasa Tools launch its new tool trolleys. After a year of sales, product developer Bert Lundmark can confirm that the trolleys have been very well received.

– Our high expectations have been exceeded. We sold a lot and received an amazingly positive response, as well as a couple of requests. Among other things, customers wanted tool sets that are designed for specific jobs.

These requests formed the basis of the tool sets recently launched by Kamasa Tools. K 26069 is full of grip pliers of various types, and is particularly suited to welding work. The K 26071 set is ideal for brake repair work, and includes pipe cutters, brake pipe wrenches and brake fluid testers. And for jobs using hose clamps, K 26072 contains pliers for ear hose clamps, Click & Click-R and Moeba.

Another request was for Kamasa Tools to add sockets with polished finishes and 1/2" fittings to its existing range of impact sockets. Each standard and long version now contains a set. Finally, there is also a set with 3/8” fittings.








19 Nov