Kamasa Tools launches new hydraulic tools for wheel bearings and drive shafts

Modern vehicle construction is increasingly based on assembly solutions without bolted joints, with more and more components pressed into place. Special tools are needed to enable automotive mechanics to carry out repairs quickly and safely. Read more

Repairing and maintaining wheel bearings, hubs and drive shafts on newer
vehicles requires the use of special tools to prevent damage to components. There are already tools that can handle press-fitted components; these solutions require the use of manual force, often with a threaded rod in the central part of the tool to transmit the pulling or pushing power.

A quick, safe way to work
Kamasa Tools has now launched the first part of its tool system, which consists of a hydraulic cylinder with a capacity of 17 tons and an air-powered hydraulic pump with pedal-controlled piston movement.

The hydraulic system enables stubborn parts to be loosened quickly and safely, directly on the vehicle. It also significantly reduces the job time compared to older, more manual methods.

– The limit has been reached in terms of the load that can be withstood by the threaded rod, particularly when using an impact wrench. And at higher torques, there is a greater risk of injury when a pressed part suddenly comes loose. However, the main disadvantage is that the method is time consuming, reveals Bert Lundmark, a product developer at Kamasa Tools.

The first tools launched by Kamasa Tools are designed for removing wheel bearings, hubs and drive shafts. The system will be developed with a range of tools and accessories to respond to evolving requirements.