Oil extractor for a bit more tricky cases

– It is not always as easy as pulling a plug and draining the oil from underneath. Whether it involves cars, motorcycles, boat engines, stationary motors, or industrial machines, sometimes you need an oil extractor, says Bert Lundmark, product developer at Kamasa Tools. Read more

Kamasa Tools' oil extractor K 10655 can also be used to bleed brake systems and for other fluids with low viscosity, e.g., water. The oil extractor can be powered by compressed air or manual pumping.

– We developed this oil extractor as a complement to our other solutions for draining oil. For example, using our versatile transmission lifts it is easy to drain oil from underneath with the car on the lift. But sometimes there are things in the way, or the work requires that you drain from above, says Bert Lundmark.

K 10655 is made of composite material and is supplied complete with brake bleed hose, connection hose for container, and two extension hoses of ø 6.7 mm and ø 4.5 mm.