Spot Weld Cutter Set 13pc

Article No LA 7049

Spot welds are notoriously hard and therefore difficult to drill with normal drill bits. The 7049 Spot Weld Cutter Set contains 10 spare double ended cutting bits and a cutter shaft that is equipped with a spring loaded centering pin to help guide the cutter and remove the full spot weld using suitable electric or air drill.

  • Set includes: 1 x 9.5 spot weld cutter shaft with cutter, 10 x 9.5 double ended cutter heads and 2 x spare guide pins.
  • Double ended cutter heads.
  • Designed to cut out spot welds using air powered or electric drills.
  • Supplied in a metal case for ease of storage.
  • All cutting components are considered consumable – spare parts available: Spot Weld Cutter Shaft, Part No. 60388; Spot Weld Cutter heads (pack of 5), Part No. 60390; Guide pin (pack of 2), Part No. 60389.
Article No LA 7049
Description Spot Weld Cutter Set 13pc


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