High Pressure Brake Bleeder 12V

Article No LA 7515

Developed especially for one of our OEM customers this Brake Bleeder is equipped with a high pressure pump that can deliver up to 4bar (58psi) of fluid pressure to the master cylinder.With the advent of Electro-Hydraulic braking system some motor manufacturers are specifying a need for pressure brake bleeders that can operate at a higher pressure than required with conventional systems. The 7515 has been developed to meet this requirement as well as maintain the ability to be adjusted for lower pressure applications.Note: for safety reasons and to prevent vehicle damage always set machine to “LOW” when first connecting up.

  • Made from stainless steel with a 5 litre fluid reservoir tank, this high pressure brake bleeder can easily replace the entire braking system fluid in one fill without the risk of the vehicles reservoir running dry.
  • The 12V internal pump powered by the vehicle with adjustable pressure output up to 4 bar (58psi).
  • Supplied with catchment bottle and syringe to remove old fluid and help set the level.
  • Suitable for hydraulic clutch and brake systems.
  • Supplied with a 44mm European brake fluid reservoir cap adaptor. Additional cap kit available (Part No 7101).
Article No LA 7515
Description High Pressure Brake Bleeder 12V


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