Pipe Deburring Tool

Article No LA 5411

This double-ended reamer can deburr internal diameters from 3mm to 12mm and external diameters from 4mm to 14mm. A useful tool for brake pipe maintenance. Clean the inner bore of the brake pipe after cutting and then deburr the outer edge to prepare it for a new flare when replacing sections. The countersink blade retracts to protect the user when not in use and locks solidly in position with a knurled knob. A useful pocket tool that makes quick work of all types of deburring jobs.

  • Internal/external deburring in one double-ended tool.
  • Size range: internal 3 - 12mm; external 4 - 14mm.
  • Effective on copper, brass, steel, plastics.
  • Retractable countersink blade for convenient pocket storage.
  • Ideal for brake pipe repair.
Article No LA 5411
Description Pipe Deburring Tool


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