Tube Straightener 5 - 10mm

Article No LA 6915

A pull-through tube straightener designed to straighten copper brake pipe and microbore pipe coils off the roll quickly and easily by hand. The anodized aluminium body has four lines of steel roller bearings inside for smooth operation and the tool is adjustable for use with the three most common pipe sizes 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" (5mm, 6mm and 10mm). A useful tool for preparing tubing when fabricating replacement brake pipes as well as central heating and air-conditioning installation work.

  • Tube straightener with simple pull-through design with smooth roller bearings for effective manual pipe straightening.
  • For copper pipe diameters: 4.74/5mm (3/16"), 6/6.3mm (1/4"), 9.5/10mm (3/8").
  • For microbore heating pipe diameters: 3/8" (10mm).
  • Ideal for all automotive (including classic & kit cars), plumbing & air conditioning pipe maintenance.
  • Size: 145mm x 70mm. Anodized lightweight aluminium body. For best results straighten straight from the roll.
Article No LA 6915
Description Tube Straightener 5 - 10mm


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