4 in 1 Intelligent Battery Charger 10A

Article No LA 5475

12 volt battery charger - designed for use on cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles.

  • Smart charging capability - meaning it varies the amperage and voltage delivered according to the requirements of the battery.
  • Low amps battery support mode - charger can be set to output a constant/regulated output 13.5 volts at 2, 5 or 10amps to support the battery when the ignition needs to be left on for a period of time.
  • Boost (rescue mode) - charger can be set to rescue mode to charge deeply discharged batteries - the tool is programmed to deliver a specific charge cycle to help desulphate the battery.
  • Battery test mode - can be used to test the battery prior to charging. The 5475 does not need to be plugged into the mains for this test so is fully portable in this mode.
  • Maintenance mode - can be left permanently connected and will maintain the battery at 100% charge. Connection method - Supplied with crocodile clips and bolt on eyelets for permanent fitment. Safety features - polarity protected (no damage if connected the wrong way round), over temperature protection, short circuit protection. CE, UKCA & RoHS compliant.
Article No LA 5475
Description 4 in 1 Intelligent Battery Charger 10A


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