Balancer Shaft Removal/Alignment Kit - for BMW

Article No LA 7253

The 7253 is made up of the tools required to remove, replace and time the balance shaft on the BMW 1.5 diesel, 1.2 & 1.5 petrol engines. Laser recommend the use of the Laser 6997 timing tool kit and Laser 7067 split gear alignment tool when refitting the balance shaft split gear. NOTE: the use of 7253 requires the use of a copper mallet to drive out the balance shaft. Wear protective gloves and eye protection at all times during use.

  • Applications: MINI Clubman (from 2015), Convertible (from 2016); BMW 1 & 3 Series (from 2015), 2 Series (from 2014), X1 (from 2015), i8 (from 2015).
  • Engine codes B37 (diesel), B38 (petrol).
  • Equivalent to OEM 2 288 943, 2 288 942 & 2 358 646 (use with Laser Part No. 7067 split gear alignment tool).
  • For engine timing on B37 diesel, use Laser Part No. 6997. For engine timing on B38 petrol, use Laser Part No. 7242.
  • Made in Sheffield. Back plate is EU Registered Design.
Article No LA 7253
Description Balancer Shaft Removal/Alignment Kit - for BMW


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