Vibration Damper Brace - for BMW

Article No LA 6588

Designed to hold the crankshaft pulley stationary while loosening or tightening the centre bolts of the crankshaft. The tool locks onto the inner part of the pulley/damper to prevent damage to the vibration dampening element (the rubber ring) that separates the outer and inner portions of the pulley as well as prevent the engine from turning.

  • Applications: BMW N47, N57 (1.6 and 2.0) engines; MINI engines (2007 - 2016).
  • Equivalent to OEM 11 7 220.
  • For use with Laser Timing Tool Kits, Part Nos. 5196 & 6301.
  • Made in Sheffield
Article No LA 6588
Description Vibration Damper Brace - for BMW


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