Flywheel Locking Tool

Article No LA 7511

The 7511 Flywheel Locking Tool is a Laser Tools EU registered design. Unique in its design and simplicity, the 7511 tool is designed to allow the user to quickly and simply lock the flywheel via the ring gear when removing the clutch, flywheel or front pulleys during engine strip down or clutch replacement. The 7511 can also be used to lock the ring gear when checking the dual mass flywheel play.

  • Ideal assistant when removing dual mass flywheels, clutches etc.
  • Unique “saw tooth design” for ease of adjustment and locking.
  • Supplied with M10 and M12 bolts to fit in bell housing bolt holes.
  • Supplied with spacers to allow for spacing off the engine block.
  • EU Registered Design. Made in Sheffield.
Article No LA 7511
Description Flywheel Locking Tool


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