Engine Timing Tool - for VAG 2.5TDI PD

Article No LA 5204

A timing tool kit designed for gear driven engines where the engine utilises the VAG PD fuel injection system. This engine is driven by Timing Gears which are more commonly fitted to engines without an overhead Camshaft or on diesel engines. Most gears used for driving camshafts and diesel injection pumps have helical-cut teeth but some applications have spur gears with straight cut or backlash reduction systems.

  • Applications: Volkswagen Touareg and Transporter.
  • Engine codes AXE | AXD | BAC | BLK | BLJ | BNZ | BPC | BPE | BPD.
  • Supplied in metal storage case.
  • 2.5 Tdi PD.
  • Made in Sheffield.
Article No LA 5204
Description Engine Timing Tool - for VAG 2.5TDI PD


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