Diesel Pump Sprocket Remover

Article No LA 7508

Used to remove the diesel fuel pump sprocket to allow removal of the fuel pump without disturbing the timing belt on the 2.5/2.2 Renault diesel engines used in Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan vans.

  • Applications include: 2000 to 2009 2.2 G9T & 2003 to 2012 2.5 G9U diesel engines found in Renault, Vauxhall & Nissan vans.
  • Equivalent to OEM KM-6207 & MOT.1548.
  • For engine timing, please use Laser Part Nos. 3787 or 4076.
  • Use in accordance to OEM instructions.
Article No LA 7508
Description Diesel Pump Sprocket Remover


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