Diesel Engine Compression Master Test Kit

Article No LA 4510

This comprehensive diesel engine compression test kit covers the vast majority of modern engines fitted to most manufacturers’ vehicles. A large 2.5" gauge with 0 - 70kg/cm² or 0 - 1000psi scales, coiled rubber hose with right-angled connection and a wide selection of glow plug and injector adaptors in both claw and clamp-on application.

  • 0-1000 psi (0-70 kg/cm²) 2.5" gauge with rubber bumper, 90° adaptor, 20 dummy glow plugs, 5 injector adaptors, spare seals, washers and nozzle.
  • Clamp and claw adaptor set - six clamp-on injector adaptors suitable for car, van, truck, bus, agricultural and marine injector sizes.
  • Full applications list included, for both dummy glow plug and clamp and claw injector adaptor applications.
  • All components available as spare parts.
Article No LA 4510
Description Diesel Engine Compression Master Test Kit


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