Ignition Coil Puller Set 2pc - for Vauxhall, Opel

Article No LA 6766

Ignition puller set specifically designed to pull out the ignition coil on most GM vehicles.

  • Applications: Agila-A; Astra-F, G, H, J; Calibra; Combo; Corsa-B, C, D; Frontera-A, B; Insigna; Mervia-A, B; Omega-B; Signum; Tigra-A, B; Vectra-B, C and Zafira-A, B.
  • Engine Codes: LDD, LDE, LLU, LUH, LUJ, 2HO, A10XEP, A14NEL, A14NET, A14XER, C22SEL, X14NZ, X14SZ, X14XE, A16LET, A16XER, X16SZR, X16XE, X16XEL, A18XER, X18XE, X20SE, X20XEV, X22SE, X22XE, Y22SE, Z10XEP, Z12XE, Z12XEP, Z14XE, Z14XEL,Z14XEP, Z16LEL,Z16LER, Z16LET, Z16XE, Z16XER, Z16YNG, Z18XE, Z18XER, Z20LEH and Z20LER.
  • Equivalent to OEM KM 6009.
  • Two piece set for two-handed removal.
Article No LA 6766
Description Ignition Coil Puller Set 2pc - for Vauxhall, Opel


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