Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor 1600kg

Article No LA 7252

A truly universal pneumatically operated coil spring compressor for McPherson Strut type suspension systems. Compression force of 1600kg provides sufficient power to cover most known standard production cars/vans

  • Suitable for spring sizes diameters from 80mm to 270mm maximum. Suitable for both left and right handed wound sprints and for all types of springs including Banana and LH wound springs.
  • Fitted safety cage with safety valve restricts use when in the open position. Requires a filtered air supply between 6-10 bar (90-150psi).
  • Can be used on most types of strut assemblies without the need for costly accessories including Macpherson type coil over dampers, high compression springs, LH wound springs (fitted to Nissan Qashqai) plus Aftermarket suspension modifications due to extra long stroke of 430mm.
  • Adjustable spring clamps can be used directly on the spring or on top and bottom mounts. Triple spring clamp mechanisms are fitted for added safety.
  • Machine specifications: Height 1440mm, Width 580mm, Weight 65kg, pressure fed seal with Teflon coated cylinder. Optional strut support available - Part No 60496. CE & UKCA compliant.
Article No LA 7252
Description Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor 1600kg


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