ATF Adaptor - for DSG Gear Boxes VAG 7 Speed

Article No LA 7392

The 7392 adaptor is specifically designed to screw into the plastic level/drain plug used on the latest VAG 7 speed DSG gearboxes. First seen on the Audi A6 from 2011 onwards. The 7392 adaptor has a specially machined thread and is equipped with the required seal. The adaptor is designed to screw in and seal without the need for tools to tighten it. The plain connection end is sized to fit the compression fitting used on the Laser 4792 ATF pump.*The vehicle manufacturer recommends the plastic drain plug be replaced once removed – for replacement plugs see Connect 31771. For drain plug removal tools see 6242.

  • For use on VAG vehicles fitted with 7 speed dual clutch transmission gearboxes.
  • Equivalent to OEM tool VAS6617/12. For correct use please refer to OEM VAG instructions.
  • For additional ATF adaptors see Part Nos. 5090, 4988, 4987, 4986 and 5687.
  • Designed for use with Laser ATF pump - Part No 4792.
  • Drain plug removal - Part No 6242. Replacement Plastic Sump Plugs - Connect 31771.
Article No LA 7392
Description ATF Adaptor - for DSG Gear Boxes VAG 7 Speed


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