Rear Hub Removal Tool - for Ford Transit

Article No LA 5550

Recommended for use when removing the rear hub on front wheel drive Ford Transit models (from 2000), when replacing the wheel bearings - which are prone to seizing in place. The adaptor plate bolts onto the rear drive flange once the centre hub nut has been removed, allowing for the impact force screw to be used to push against the stub axle to separate the hub and the bearing.

  • For removing the rear hubs from front wheel drive Ford Transits when the wheel bearings have seized, or are tight to the stub axles.
  • Application: Ford Transit (from 2000).
  • Equivalent to OEM 204-595-09.
  • Front wheel drive vehicles only.
  • Made in Sheffield.
Article No LA 5550
Description Rear Hub Removal Tool - for Ford Transit


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