Extractor - AdBlue® 1.5L

Article No LA 6153

This 1.5 litre capacity syringe is manufactured from materials specifically chosen to work with urea based solutions like AdBlue®. Fitted with a shut off valve and extension pipe to allow safe transfer of AdBlue® from commercially available containers into a vehicle as well as to draw off AdBlue® from the vehicles tank where over fill is suspected. N.B: some motor manufacturers recommend that an air gap be left in the vehicle tank to ensure room for expansion and proper aeration of the fluids.

  • 1.5L capacity to help prevent over filling of the AdBlue® tank.
  • Twist and turn shut off valve to help prevent spillage during fluid transfer.
  • 410mm long delivery/extraction pipe.
  • Removable ends allow for easy cleaning.
  • WARNING: Never put AdBlue® or other aqueous urea solutions into the main fuel tank. Such solutions are only used where a vehicle is fitted with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems requiring the use of AdBlue® and equipped with a separate AdBlue® tank.
Article No LA 6153
Description Extractor - AdBlue® 1.5L


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