Filling Funnel for AdBlue® - Straight

Article No LA 6856

Designed to screw directly on to the AdBlue® tank filler neck where the tank is fitted with a vertically accessed filler (e.g. under boot floors or under-bonnet areas etc.). The funnel valve allows the user to stop the filling process even when there is fluid still in the funnel to help avoid over filling the tank.

  • For safe transfer of Adblue® from storage containers to the vehicle tank. Equipped with manually operated anti-spill valve.
  • 1100ml transparent funnel with scale.
  • Equipped with a lid to keep out dirt and debris when not in use.
  • Air breather pipe to allow air out of the tank, preventing splashing caused by bubbling and helps to prevent over filling.
  • For angled AdBlue® filler necks, please see Laser Part No. 6865 Angled AdBlue® Funnel.
Article No LA 6856
Description Filling Funnel for AdBlue® - Straight


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