Rotary Barrel Pump - AdBlue®

Article No LA 5425

A hand operated rotary barrel pump specifically for use with AdBlue®. Fits drums or barrels (from 23 - 230L / 5- 55 gallons) with 2" BSP opening.

  • Designed for use with AdBlue®, but also suitable for water, diesel, oil, weak acid/alkali liquid.
  • Easy hand rotating operation pumps 0.3 litres per revolution. Inlet tube length: 1000mm; diameter: 20mm.
  • Supplied with a 2" BSP fitting. To convert fitting for 205L drum, please use Laser Lever Pump Thread Adaptors, Part No. 60532 or 7621.
  • Manufactured from composite material specifically to reduce the staining from AdBlue®.
  • If Pump fails to pump after being left for some time run distilled water through and continue. To prevent this, please pump water through before storing.
Article No LA 5425
Description Rotary Barrel Pump - AdBlue®


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