Oil Filter Chain Wrench - for HGV

Article No LA 6318

Strong, double width chain wrench with handle designed for heavy duty applications, including HGV use. The double-link chain construction provides plenty of strength and grip, even on oily surfaces and long length will fit a wide range of canister-type filters from 60 – 160mm diameter. The handle is 350mm long, perfect for extra leverage when removing stubborn filters and the cranked swivel design is useful when access is restricted. All-in-one wrench and handle design, unlike traditional chain wrenches there is no need for a separate ratchet or power bar, a really useful tool for the HGV workshop.

  • Large size designed for HGV use, fits filters from 60-160mm diameter. Chain length: 520mm.
  • Double-link chain construction for extra strength and grip.
  • For the removal of canister-type filters.
  • Long handle, 350mm for extra leverage.
  • Cranked swivel handle for flexible use in confined areas.
Article No LA 6318
Description Oil Filter Chain Wrench - for HGV


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