Truck Cabin Shock Absorber Spring Compressor

Article No LA 7461

Many modern heavy goods vehicles and trucks have driver’s cabins that have shock absorbers fitted between the cabin and the chassis. Just like any shock absorber and coil spring combination, these units will wear over time. Given the dimensional size and strength of the spring used, a suitable spring compressor is required to allow the spring to be compressed so that the shock absorber can be replaced. The 7461 has been introduced specifically to safely compress and hold the coil spring prior to the removal of the shock absorber.

  • Vehicle applications include Volvo Trucks FM, FH 500P and 540P.
  • Spring size - ID: 65mm, OD: 89mm. Use with 1/2”D ratchet.
  • Allows safe compression of the cabin spring for shock absorber removal.
  • For hand tool use only - do not use with power tools. Do not exceed 80Nm torque.
  • Always ensure the weight of the cab is correctly supported - see OEM instructions. Use with Shock Absorber Wrenches, please see Laser Part No. 6792.
Article No LA 7461
Description Truck Cabin Shock Absorber Spring Compressor


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