Tool trolley, 10 drawers, wide

Article No K 7647 What do the symbols mean?

The trolley contains 560 tools.
The top cabinet has a space for aerosols and other bulky items.
Both the trolley and the top cabinet have central locking with combination locks. The trolley is equipped with polished aluminum wheels.

Color: Black

Dimensions, trolley (incl. wheels ), H x W x D: 1620 x 1068 x 481 mm

Article No K 7647
Description Jubilee tool trolley, 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4"

K 260411Screwdrivers, T8-T30
K 260431Pliers: Side cutters, combination pliers, radio pliers, vicegrip pliers
K 260441Screwdrivers: Slotted, PH with through-blade
K 260451Pliers: Lock ring pliers, external and internal
K 260461Sharp-edged tools: files, drills, shears, knife
K 260471Impact tools: hammer, punch, center punch
K 260481Ratchet combination wrenches, flexible, 10-19 mm
K 260491Ratchet combination wrenches, 8-19 mm

K 26050

1Combination wrenches, 6-23 mm
K 260511Combination wrenches, 24-32 mm
K 260521Flex head wrenches, 8-19 mm
K 250531Socket tools 1/4": short and long socket
K 260541Socket tools 1/2": ratchet wrench, universal joint, extension, spark plug sockets
K 260561Long impact sockets 1/2", 10-24 mm
K 260571Socket tools 3/8": ratchet wrench, universal joint, extension, spark plug sockets
K 260581Sockets, short and long 3/8", 8-22 mm
K 260601Combination wrenches, inch
K 260611Sockets, short and long 1/2": Hex head
K 260621Hex head & Torx*: 1/4" bit sockets & wrenches
K 260631Sockets, short and long 1/2": XZN/Torx* T and E
K 260641Sockets, short and long 3/8": Hex head
K 260651Sockets, short and long 3/8": Torx* T and E
K 260691Locking pliers and adjustable wrench
K 260701Sockets, short and long 3/8", 5/16"-1"

K 26072

1Hose clamp pliers
K 260741Sockets 1/2", 10-34 mm
K 261501Measuring tools: Calipers, feeler gauges, indicator clock with stand, micrometer
K 261511Special screwdrivers
K 261521Slotted screwdrivers
K 261531Screwdrivers: PH, PZD
K 261551Electric power tools: Crimping tool, cutter, wire strippers, voltage tester
K 261821Bits and bits tool
K 260551Sockets 1/2", 10-32 mm
K 260591Sockets 1/2", 3/8"-1 1/4"
K 261541Sockets 3/4", 32-50
K 261751Pop rivet and nut pliers
K 261761Adjustable wrenches
K 261771Crowfoot wrenches, 10-41 mm
K 261791Sheet metal shears
K 261831Sockets 3/8" 8-22 mm, 12-point
K 261811Torque wrenches and screwdrivers
K 260302Drawer liner 410 x 185
K 260311Drawer liner 410 x 560


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