Tool trolley with tools, 7 drawers, green

Article No K 7626 What do the symbols mean?

Trolley with 7 drawers, of which 1 drawer has been left empty for other tools. A comprehensive tool solution, well designed for vehicle mechanics. The trolley comes with both a wooden panel and a ridged rubber mat for the work surface. The wooden panel is easier to dry off while the deep ridges in the rubber mat prevent spilled water from running down into the trolley. The stable trolley is excellent as a mobile workplace and can be supplemented with a top cabinet as required.

Color: Green

Max load per drawer: 40 kg
Max load per trolley: 700 kg
Dimensions, trolley (incl. wheel), H x W x D: 993 x 723 x 481 mm
Dimensions, drawers, H x W x D: 75/154 x 569 x 410 mm

Article No K 7626
Description Trolley and Tool set 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4"
Included itemQuantityContents
K 103591Tool trolley, central locking, 7 drawers
K 261521Slot screwdrivers
K 261531Screwdrivers: PH, PZD
K 260411Screwdrivers, T8-T30
K 260431Pliers: Side cutters, combination pliers, long nose pliers, vice grip pliers
K 260451Pliers: Lock ring pliers, external and internal
K 260501Combination wrenches: 6-23 mm
K 260521Flex head wrenches: 8-19 mm
K 260531Socket tool 1/4": short and long socket
K 260621hex head & torx* 1/4": bits sockets and wrenches
K 260571Socket tool 3/8": Ratchet wrenches, universal joint, extension, spark plug sockets
K 260581Sockets short and long 3/8": 8-22 mm
K 260641Sockets short and long 3/8": Hex head
K 260651Sockets short and long 3/8": Torx* T and E
K 260541Socket tool 1/2": Ratchet wrench, universal joint, extension, spark plug sockets
K 260741Sockets: 1/2", 10 - 34 mm
K 260561Impact sockets long: 1/2" 10 - 24 mm
K 260302Drawer interior: 1/3 drawer


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