Vacuum/Pressure Test Kit

Code article LA 3752

This vacuum and pressure pump creates and holds a metered vacuum for testing a wide variety of car, van, motorcycle, marine, aircraft and agricultural equipment. Can also be used for one-man brake bleeding.

  • Vacuum testing applications include: automatic transmission, vacuum reservoirs, air conditioning and heating, heater cones, brake systems including ABS and conventional, engine management systems, emission control systems, fuel systems, engine tuning, ignition systems, engine management including cylinder heads, valve stem oil seals, piston ring retainers on diesel engines, waste gases on turbo chargers.
  • Dual function - vacuum: 0 - 30 in vacuum (0 to -1 bar).
  • Pressure: 0 - 60psi (0 - 4 bar).
  • Simply select the air intake control valve on the pump: Out for pressurised systems, In for testing vacuums.
Article No LA 3752
Description Vacuum/Pressure Test Kit


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