CV Boot Clamp Pliers 3/8"D

Code article LA 7316

CV boot clamp pliers with 3/8" torque drive for VW Group, Vauxhall, Opel, Ford and others. Designed to fasten high-strength stainless steel boot clamps that require a higher compression force to be correctly fitted. The pliers feature a 3/8" drive for use with a torque wrench for precision hose tightening, ensuring compliance with manufacturer specified torque settings - typically between 23Nm and 30Nm. The 90° two way jaw system allows the user more access points for clamp tightening, a useful feature in confined suspension and driveshaft areas. The rugged construction and smooth action of the pliers makes them ideal for professional use.

  • Applications include: Ford, VAG, Vauxhall, Opel. Equivalent to VAG 1682A.
  • Two way jaws offer a choice of clamping positions at 90° to each other, ideal for use in restricted areas.
  • For fitting stainless steel bands on drive shafts where a torque setting is specified. Suitable for use with 3/8" torque wrench, including Laser Part No. 1342.
  • Heavy duty steel construction with chrome finish & hardened steel jaws.
  • Can be used by hand with a 3/8" standard ratchet (such as Part No. 6667) or swivel head ratchet (Part No. 6957) when a specific torque setting is not required.
Article No LA 7316
Description CV Boot Clamp Pliers 3/8"D


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