The Committed

Restore my plane and being a bush pilot are my lifestyle

In the outback your tools are your best friend.

“I’m too old to deal with bad tools”

“Your tools are your working buddies with whom you share ups and downs with all day long. Ergonomics are important when you become one unit in which the tools are an extension of your hands.” When you’re as committed to your work as Lars, you’re naturally committed to your tools as well.

To be committed is a part of the profession.

– Before I start to perform my work on an aircraft I make sure that all tools are in place and after my work is done, I do the same thing. Nothing can be missing, because a forgotten tool in an aircraft could be devastating, explains Bengt Svedjebrand, Aviation technician from Stockholm, Sweden.

I'm committed to both my work and my hobby.

Fredrik Fagerström from Huddinge, south of Stockholm in Sweden, is committed to both his work and hobby and Kamasa Tools is his long-time partner.

It´s important both to have a professional approach and professional tools.

After 26 years as professional motorcycle stunt driver where he was touring the whole world, Sune Andersson retired. However, not retirement from work, being passionate about it and for motoring events.