Torque wrenches and screw extractors

Article No K 26181 What do the symbols mean?

Article No K 26181
Description Torque wrenches and screw extractors, 11 pcs.

Items included Contents
Torque wrench 1/4", 3-25NmK 2739
Torque wrench 3/8", 20-110Nm K 2740
Torque wrench 1/2", 30-210Nm K 2741
Stud extractor 12mm K 183
Stud extractor 10mm K 182
Stud extractor 8mm K 181
Stud extractor 6mm K 180
Screw extractor set 2-10mm K 187
Torque handle 1/2", 600mm

K 4541

HacksawK 4850
Crow bar, 460mm K 10279

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