Combination wrench with Stop Ring

N. º de artículo K 2630 ¿Qué significan los símbolos?

Combination wrench with new Stop Ring function and extra closely spaced 72-tooth mechanism that only requires 5 degrees of movement. 

Heavy-duty mechanism with reversal, which can be changed without removing the key from the bolt or nut. Made of chrome vanadium steel with a chrome-plated Silk finish. 12-edge OPTIPUNKT shape in the ring part. 

The Stop Ring function means that the head of the nut/bolt is locked in the key, which means that the key cannot be moved past the head. The stop ring make it easier when loosening nuts in hard-to-reach places as the nut remains in the wrench after it has released from the threads, instead of falling out and being lost.

N. º de artículo Dimensiones mm
K 2630 6
K 2631 8
K 2632 9
K 2633 10
K 2634 11
K 2635 12
K 2636 13
K 2637 14
K 2638 15
K 2639 16
K 2640 17
K 2641 18
K 2642 19
K 2643 21
K 2644 22
K 2645 24
K 2646 27
K 2647 30
K 2648 32

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