Sune Andersson

MC stunt driver & event manager

About Sune

It´s important both to have a professional approach and professional tools.

After 26 years as professional motorcycle stunt driver where he was touring the whole world, Sune Andersson retired. However, not retirement from work, being passionate about it and for motoring events. Read more

He created an event business, D Experience, in the northern outback of Sweden where he lives. Here, from the city of Vilhelmina located in the Lappland district, adventure trips across the polar circle by snowmobile or 4WD Jeeps are part of the program.

Another Sune Andersson activity is driving new Dodge Challengers set up for ice racing on a track plowed on a frozen lake.

  • Most of our customers come from places where they do not even have snow so the whole concept is quite unique for them just being in this unexplored environment. We then crown it with some interesting driving and riding experiences to complete the package. However, it is not only adventure and fun. You get experience from driving on snow and ice that can come in handy in an emergency situation at any type of slippery roads.  

A 600 square meter building hosts the 25 different vehicles that is part of the business and they service everything possible in house. Tools are an important part of this.

  • I always got a professional approach to what I do and to have good quality tools is not only about your mentally wellbeing as mechanic. You save time and know that you can rely on them as your business partner as well. It is very easy to be committed with Kamasa Tools.