Impact wrench 1/2", 1356Nm

Artikelnr. K 9901 Hvad betyder symbolerne?

K 9901 is a compact 1/2” impact wrench with dual speed modes and high-performance motor with Double Air Intake. This makes it extra powerful with a max torque of 1356Nm and loosening 2200Nm. Chassis in composite material for low weight and good insulation. It is only 150mm long in total, which makes it small and easy to get into narrow spaces. 

Artikel-nr. K 9901
Maks. støjniveau dBA 99,7
Maks. moment Nm 1356
Vibrationer m/s2 8,6
Omdrejninger rpm 8300
Længde mm 150
Vægt g 1600
Lufttilslutning NPT 1/4" indvendig
Luftforbrug l/m 150


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