Impact wrench 3/4", 1000Nm swivel head

Artikelnr. K 9905 Hvad betyder symbolerne?

Compact 3/4" impact wrench with 120 degree swivel head and 360 degree swivel handle that makes it possible to work in tight spaces. Only 126mm long and weighs 2.3kg. Powerful Twin Hammer mechanism in a steel hammer housing. Torque of 1000Nm and release torque of 2700Nm. Forward / backward controls that are easily controlled with one hand.

Artikel-nr. K 9905
Maks. støjniveau dBA 108,7
Maks. moment Nm 1000
Vibrationer m/s2 9,2
Omdrejninger rpm 7500
Længde mm 126
Vægt g 2300
Lufttilslutning NPT 3/8" indvendig
Luftforbrug l/m 127



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