Impact wrench 3/4", 2170Nm

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Powerful 3/4 " impact wrench with dual speed modes, high-performance motor with extra high torque of 2170Nm and loosening torque 4110Nm. Well-balanced chassis in composite material with extra handle for stability. Powerful Twin Hammer mechanism in steel housing. Adjustable working torque when tightening and always full power when loosening. Front / back control that is easily adjusted with one hand.

Artikel-nr. K 9902
Maks. støjniveau dBA 103,8
Maks. moment Nm 2170
Vibrationer m/s2 10,69
Omdrejninger rpm 5200
Længde mm 198
Vægt g 4500
Lufttilslutning NPT 3/8" indvendig
Luftforbrug l/m 243


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