Lars "Lasse" Sundberg

In-demand motorcycle mechanic

About Lasse

“I’m too old to deal with bad tools”

“Your tools are your working buddies with whom you share ups and downs with all day long. Ergonomics are important when you become one unit in which the tools are an extension of your hands.” When you’re as committed to your work as Lars, you’re naturally committed to your tools as well. Read more

Lars “Lasse” Sundberg has twenty seven years’ experience working in the construction business. In his spare time he raced endurance motorcycles and worked on custom-built bikes. As more and more people were asking Lars for help with their bikes he formed a business fifteen years ago, firstly as a sideline but one which expanded over time to the point where it became necessary to choose a path.


Lars left his old profession in favour of a new motorcycle workshop just north of Stockholm, Sweden. Under the name of Roth Engineering he is now an authorised service dealer for Indian Motorcycles, but he services all brands. Custom builds, which he started in 2008, are one of his trademarks for which he has been awarded with ninety eight First Place show trophies. 


“I’m too old to deal with bad tools”, says Lars. “I contacted Kamasa so that I could get good, reliable tools when it was time to set up the new shop. With their choice programme I could tailor the contents of my tool cabinets for the specific work which I do.