Oil extractor, 6.5 liters

Article No K 10655

Suitable for draining all types of oil from cars, motorcycles, boat engines, stationary engines and industrial machines. Can also be used to bleed brake systems and drain other fluids with low viscosity, e.g. water. Powered by pneumatic or manual pumping. Made from composite material and supplied with 1 complete brake bleed hose, 1 container connection hose and 2 extension hoses of Ø 6.7 mm and Ø 4.5 mm.

Article No K 10655
Description Oil extractor, 6.5 liters
Length x width x height mm 320 x 240 x 440
Volume L 6.5
Weight kg 3.1
Working pressure bar 3 - 12
Fluid temperature °C 1 - 95
Container including air connection, non-return valve and hand pump
6.5 l
Hose for bleeding brake systems, silicone
1.5 m
Hose with container connection, nylon, Ø 9.8 mm
1 m
Extension hose, nylon, Ø 6.7 mm
1 m
Extension hose with control wire, nylon, Ø 4.5 mm
1 m


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