Double ratcheting wrenches with Stop Ring

Article No K 2660 What do the symbols mean?

Ratchet function at both ends simplifies and speeds up work. The open end ratchet eliminates the need to re-grip bolts, especially beneficial in confined spaces. In addition, grip is improved with worn bolt heads.

Heavy-duty mechanism with reversal, which can be changed without removing the key from the bolt or nut, only 5º movement is required.. Made of chrome vanadium steel with a chrome-plated Silk finish. 12-edge OPTIPUNKT shape in the ring part.

The Stop Ring function means that the head of the nut/bolt is locked in the key, which means that the key cannot be moved past the head. The stop ring make it easier when loosening nuts in hard-to-reach places as the nut remains in the wrench after it has released from the threads, instead of falling out and being lost.

Article No Dimension mm
K 2660 8
K 2661 10
K 2662 11
K 2663 12
K 2664 13
K 2665 14
K 2666 15
K 2667 16
K 2668 17
K 2669 18
K 2670 19

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