Clamping Washer Tool - for VAG, Ford

Article No LA 7347

Clamping washers are used by many manufacturers to hold in place underbody heat shields and sound deadening materials. They are lightweight sprung steel washers that push on to and grip a simple coarsely threaded pin that is permanently attached to the vehicle body. Unfortunately they can be tricky to remove once corroded without breaking them or bending the pin. The Laser 7347 has been developed specifically to assist in the removal and fitting of these Clamping Washers. Designed to fit onto the 32mm diameter washers, the 2 steel pins engage with the washer and allow a cordless drill or any 1/4" drive wrench to be used to spin the washer and allow it to “wind” its way off. This method of removal helps avoid breaking the clip, damaging the pin and also helps reduce the chance of the mechanic cutting themselves on the sharp edged clips particularly when they break.

  • For the quick and safe removal/fitting of clamping washers which are used on underbody heat shields etc.
  • Applications include: Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen; equivalent to OEM N90335004, N90335006, N90796501 & Ford OEM 6715468.
  • The clips are also found on many other vehicle marques.
  • 1/4"D with quick chuck end for use with 1/4"D wrenches, drivers or with cordless drills.
  • Compatible with Connect Clamping Discs for VAG, please see Part Nos. 36149, 36150 & 36571. Patented product.
Article No LA 7347
Description Clamping Washer Tool - for VAG, Ford


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