Brake/Clutch Bleeder 12V

Article No LA 5629

A portable, self contained, pressurised brake bleeder which is powered from the vehicle's 12V battery - the output pressure is adjustable up to a maximum of 36psi (2.5 bar). Suitable for professional workshop use and can also be used on hydraulic clutch systems.

  • Made from a stainless steel case with a reservoir tank that has a 5 litre capacity which enables the entire braking system fluid to be replaced in one fill without the risk of the reservoir running dry.
  • The internal pressure pump is conveniently powered from the vehicle’s 12V battery. Pressure adjustable up to 36psi (2.5 bar).
  • Supplied with catchment bottle and a syringe to remove old fluid and to help set the level.
  • Suitable for both hydraulic brake and clutch systems.
  • Supplied with a 44mm European brake fluid reservoir adaptor. Cap kit available, please see Laser Part No. 7101.
Article No LA 5629
Description Brake/Clutch Bleeder 12V


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