Brake Adaptor Set - Adjustable

Article No LA 6090

A three piece set of essential brake caliper rewind adaptors to fit a huge range of vehicles. Two of the adaptors have adjustable pins and the third adaptor allows the adjustable adaptors to be used with a 3/8" drive wind back tool (such as Laser Part No.1314). Also compatible with two-pin windback tools (such as Laser Part No. 3935).

  • Applications include: Audi, BMW, Iveco Daily, Renault, Range Rover Evoque, Seat, Volkswagen and Volvo.
  • Includes magnetic 2 Pin Drive to 3/8"D adaptor.
  • Adjustable two pin adaptor fits hundreds of cars.
  • Adjustable three pin adaptor only to be used with Electronic Park Brake (EPB) tools.
  • Can be used with Laser's Brake Caliper Rewind Tools, Part Nos: 3993, 3991, 5626, 3835, 5605, 3940, 4511 and 5094.
Article No LA 6090
Description Brake Adaptor Set - Adjustable


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