Camshaft VVT Actuator Wrench - for BMW

Article No LA 7329

Camshaft VVT actuator wrench for BMW, used to replace leaking actuator seals or when the camshaft requires removal. The wrench is designed to latch into the variable valve timing actuators and allow the safe removal when performing oil seal replacement or cylinder head work on the BMW B38, B46 and B48 petrol engines.

  • Applications include: 1 Series (from 2014), 2 series (from 2015), 3 Series (from 2014), 4 Series (from 2015), i8 (from 2012); MINI Clubman, Hatch, Convertible (from 2015).
  • Engine codes include: B38 (1.2 Mini), B38 (1.5), B46 & B48 (2.0) engines.
  • Equivalent to OEM 2 360 895.
  • Use in accordance with OEM instructions
Article No LA 7329
Description Camshaft VVT Actuator Wrench - for BMW


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