Engine Timing Tool Set - for Honda

Article No LA 5503

Designed to offer not only the special tools listed by Honda for theapplications listed, but also the correctly sized M6 bolt that is required to lock thesprung loaded cambelt tensioners found on many of the listed applications.

  • Honda 1.6 – 3.0 SOHC (single cam) and DOHC (twin cam) petrol engines as listed.
  • Engines 1.6 B16A2, 1.8-F18A3, F18B2, F18B4,2.0 F20AF, F20B3, F20B5, F20B6, F20B7, F20Z1, F20Z2 2.2 F22Z2, F22B5, F22B8, F22A2, H22A5, H22A7, H22A8 2.3 F23A7, F23Z5, H23A2 ,H23A33.0 J30A1.
  • Models Civic (91-95), Accord (93-03), Prelude (92-01), Shuttle/Odyssey (95-01).
  • Made in Sheffield.
Article No LA 5503
Description Engine Timing Tool Set - for Honda


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