Water Pump Removal Kit - for VAG

Article No LA 4639

This tool is ideal to use in conjunction with Part No 5204, designed for 2.5 gear driven engines found in the Volkswagen range. Due to the method of construction is recommended that the water pump is changed if the cylinder head is removed from the vehicle.

  • Essential for the removal of the water pump.
  • Also alignment of the engine at top dead centre.
  • Applications: Volkswagen T5, Touareg 2.5D.
  • It is beneficial to change the water pump when removing the cylinder head.
  • A - Special Wrench OEM ref T10225, B - Puller OEM ref T10221 A, C Adjusting Tool OEM ref T10222A. Made in Sheffield.
Article No LA 4639
Description Water Pump Removal Kit - for VAG


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