Glow Plug Puller Kit 7pc

Article No LA 5362

A dual purpose diesel glow plug puller kit complete with attachments to grip either external or internal sections of the broken glow plug allowing it to be withdrawn.

  • Pullers: T-bar slide hammer/puller, internal (expansion collet) puller.
  • External grips: (7.7mm internal dia. (includes size 4 (6.0mm) contraction collet) and 6.8mm internal dia. (includes size 3 (5.0mm) contraction collet).
  • Contraction collets, sizes: 1 (2.7mm), 2 (3.6mm) and 3 (5.0mm).
  • Manufactured from S45C steel and SUS303 for strength.
Article No LA 5362
Description Glow Plug Puller Kit 7pc


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