Mixture Strength Tester - for Urea (AdBlue®)

Article No LA 7240

The Laser 7240 has been designed to allow the DEF to be tested for urea strength. In order for the diesel engine emissions system to function correctly the strength of the DEF solution must be maintained at 32.5% urea; over time the strength of the solution can change by (a) evaporation causing the water component of the solution to reduce, or (b) contamination. Either of these can cause variations in DEF quality and strength which will be flagged up by the engine’s on board diagnostic system (DEF warning light). The Laser 7240 is extremely easy to use and displays a clear pass or fail result regardless of the temperature of the sample.

  • Applications: all vehicles fitted with diesel engines using a Urea solution at 32.5% as a diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue®).
  • Gives a clear pass/fail result .
  • Accurate result regardless of sample temperature
  • Easy to use and read. Always wash device internals with distilled water after use.
Article No LA 7240
Description Mixture Strength Tester - for Urea (AdBlue®)


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