CO2 Leak Detector

Article No LA 5524

Used to detect leaking combustion gases/carbon dioxide that may find their way into the cooling system when a head gasket blows or a cylinder block cracks.

  • Checks for cracked cylinder heads, blockages and blown head gaskets etc in petrol and diesel engines.
  • Supplied with a cone adaptor and fluid.
  • Once fitted to the running engine's coolant filler neck, the rubber bulb is used to suck the gasses that collect in the top of the filler bottle through the fluid in the tester. If Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is present in the gases it will turn the fluid green indicating a blown head gasket or similar issue.
  • Replacement fluid available separately - please see Laser Part No. 5526.
Article No LA 5524
Description CO2 Leak Detector


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