Insulated 'Slipper' Torque Wrench 3/8"D 5 - 25Nm

Article No LA 5481

A fully insulated torque wrench manufactured to IEC60900 2012 standards for 1000vAC / 1500vDC live working. Ideal for use on hybrid and electric vehicles. This torque wrench uses a 'slipper' type release mechanism instead of a traditional click mechanism. When the wrench arrives at the set torque it will slip and continue to slip until the load is removed. Any subsequent application of torque will result in the wrench continuing to slip ensuring the set limits cannot be accidently overridden as can happen with more traditional click type wrenches.

  • 'Slipper' type wrench, helps reduce the chances of accidental over torque. Ideal for low torque electrical fixings.
  • Range: 5 - 25Nm (4 - 18lb-ft). 43 teeth ratchet mechanism; 3/8"D x 265mm long.
  • Reversible ratchet, 'slipper' function allows for both RH and LH applications.
  • Accuracy: ±6% tolerance from the set scale value.
  • Repair kit available, please see Part No. 61543.
Article No LA 5481
Description Insulated 'Slipper' Torque Wrench 3/8"D 5 - 25Nm


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