MacPherson Clamp Separator Set

Article No LA 6798

A MacPherson strut clamp separator kit that includes 5 “fit and turn” separator bits designed to fit the most common sizes of clamp.

  • Separator bits: 7.5 - 9.0mm, 5.2 - 6.9mm, 6.6 - 7.9mm, 4.3 - 6.0mm, 12.7 - 16.7mm.
  • Includes 3/8” square drive handle with bit holder.
  • Fast and efficient, holds the clamp open for removal and fitting of the MacPherson strut and hubs.
  • Applications include Citroën, Peugeot, Ford, VAG, Audi where MacPherson struts are clamped into the hub.
  • Kit includes a 17mm combination ratchet wrench for use where access does not allow the use of the socket and drive handle combination.
Article No LA 6798
Description MacPherson Clamp Separator Set


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